Structure of NALCN out in Nature

Great collaboration with the Ciferri and Payandeh groups out in Nature now: Structure of the human sodium leak channel NALCN/FAM155A complex.

The work explains how a) FAM155A forms a dome-like structure above the pore to determine the notorious NALCN pharmacology, b) structurally unique voltage-sensing domains mediate the odd voltage-sensitivity and c) disease-causing mutations cluster around the pore module to affect channel function.

Congratulations to the teams on both sides! Especially excited for Marc, Chow, Cameron and Claudia, who lead our efforts on structure and function! Big thanks to the amazing (and tireless) Jian, as well as our local undergrad students Aisha and Oskar for their contributions.

My group is hugely grateful to the Carlsberg Foundation, DFF and Lundbeck Foundation for their continued support since the early stages of this exciting project.