Structure of NALCN channelosome published

After years of work and a big team effort, our structure-function effort on the entire NALCN channelosome is now published in Nature. Together with our fantastic collaborators (Payandeh and Ciferri labs @ Genentech, Manu Ben-Johny @ Columbia, and Alexander Leitner @ ETH), we show that UNC79/80 form a massive figure-8-like HEAT repeat assembly below the channel, CaM co-purifies as a surprise passenger and single channel data reveal very low Po. Check out all the details HERE. Congratulations to the entire team, especially Marc Kschonsak and Han Chow Chua, who took the lead on deciphering structure and function of this massive complex. We are very grateful for support by the Carlsberg Foundation, DFF and the Lundbeck Foundation. Lastly, congratulations also to Kang & Chen, who preprinted very similar work HERE.